Environmental Commitment

​​​Our commitment to sustainable development​

​​Integrate sustainable development into our practices and culture

> Promote the benefits of energy and environmental efficiency for sustainable development 
> Set an example through energy conservation, especially energy management of our facilities 
> Gauge our progress with easily understood, shared indicators 
> Support our contributors in their social involvement 

Provide our clients with practical sustainable development solutions

> Devise and implement solutions to increase our clients’ energy and environmental efficiency 
> Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions 
> Promote development of local renewable energy 
> Contribute to the​ development of sustainable buildings
> Make sustainable development a competitive advantage for our clients 
> Place the same importance on our clients’ social issues as on their technical and environmental expectations

Make a commitment to our social responsibility

> Preserve occupational health and safety
> Encourage tutoring and skills development
> Develop and facilitate equal access to employment
> Bolster our contributors’ growth
> Ensure compliance by our subcontractors and suppliers with principles of sustainable development