Quality Commitment

The client front and centre, a continuing process 

Cofely Services has developed a broad range of value-added services, processes, systems and programs for employees that make client satisfaction the key priority:
• Client service training program for employees;
• Excellence and innovation  program (EIP);
• Quality management system for daily delivery of our services;
• Standardized work instructions and procedures for building management and maintenance;​
• Quality control;
• Annual client satisfaction survey;
• Client complaint resolution process;
• Introduction of new services.

The ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system encourages determination of our clients’ needs and expectations and confirms compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Occupant satisfaction is directly linked to comfort and the building environment, which we periodically assess.

In 2011, Cofely won BOMA Canada’s Pinnacle Award1 in the Client Services category.

1 BOMA Canada Pinnacle Awards recognize companies that have achieved a level of excellence that other BOMA members and their employees should strive to attain. Pinnacle Awards recognize innovation, teamwork, outstanding service and commitment to clients.

Our commitment to sustainable development

Integrate sustainable development into our practices and culture

• Promote the benefits of energy and environmental efficiency for sustainable development.
• Set an example through energy conservation, especially energy management of our facilities.
• Gauge our progress with easily understood, shared indicators.
• Support our contributors in their social involvement.

Provide our clients with practical sustainable development solutions

• Devise and implement solutions to increase our clients’ energy and environmental efficiency.
• Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
• Promote development of local renewable energy.
• Contribute to development of sustainable buildings.
• Make sustainable development a competitive advantage for our clients.
• Place the same importance on our clients’ social issues as on their technical and environmental expectations.

Make a commitment to our social responsibility

• Preserve occupational health and safety.
• Encourage tutoring and skills development.
• Develop and facilitate equal access to employment.
• Bolster our contributors’ growth.
• Ensure compliance by our subcontractors and suppliers with principles of sustainable development.

Health and safety

Cofely Services takes a proactive approach to occupational health and safety, making every effort to preserve the safety and wellbeing of its employees.

The company invests significant time in providing periodic training, conducting inspections and audits, and implementing policies to guarantee a safe workplace and premises for its employees and clients.

Occupational health and safety hold a very important place in routine operations at all levels of the company.

Excellence and innovation

The excellence and innovation program recognizes outstanding work by an employee who earns distinction through excellent service, innovation or dedication. This program promotes Cofely Services values, which have a direct impact on client satisfaction. These values form the core of the company’s focus.

Through this program, Cofely Services provides tangible recognition of the outstanding contribution by its employees in relation to company values, which have a significant impact on service quality and client relations.