Vision, Mission and Values

ENGIE’s vision, mission and values have been very carefully developed to foster a process of continuing improvement based on respect for all. They inspire and guide all staff members at every level.

Vision: Our ideal​​​

To set the standard for best practices in all our business areas.

Mission: Our «Raison d’être»

Providing our customers with quality services and infrastructure management, in an environmentally responsible manner, that meet their requirements and contribute to the achievement of their objectives.

Values: Principles guiding our decisions, our actions and behaviors

Guaranteeing our performance over the long term for all our stakeholders, continually seeking efficiency and innovation for the benefit of our clients and the public service.

Advancing the Group’s development and respect for the planet, while providing essential services for people.

Living in the present with optimism and building the future together with creativity.

Mobilizing all our strengths with a shared spirit of teamwork to make energy and the environment sustainable sources of progress and development.

Health and Safety

ENGIE considers occupational health and safety a priority commitment which is an integral part of its routine operations at all levels of the company. ENGIE ​takes a proactive approach making every effort to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees. The company invests substantial time providing periodic training, conducting inspections and audits, and implementing policies to guarantee a safe workplace and premises for its employees and clients.  

Discover ​​​​ ​ENGIE's code of ethics and guide to ethical practices. ​​​​​